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Moving is stressful and frustrating but it doesn't have to be Based on our 14 years of moving almost every four years, I'm gonna share with you our top go-to tips to make it so much easier The very first thing we do before our movers ever get to our house is put all of the same type items in one area, for example, I take all of our pictures whether they're on the wall or on a nightstand and I put them in one room That allows for our movers to be much more efficient at what they're doing and all of my pictures get packed in the same place I don't find them in random kitchen bins or dog food bins later on and yes, that has happened

The same thing is done with our books or any other similar type things so that I know where things are when we get to our next duty station Type yes in the comments below if you already do this and group things together Tip number two, block off space, whether you have a room that you can dedicate to being blocked off or like our last move, we just had to use painter's tape, you wanna create a space where it is a mover no-go zone This is where we put all of our toiletry items, all of our medical paperwork or anything else that we do not want the movers touching, our valuable items, our irreplaceables that are going to go in the car with us and so oftentimes, that'll be a bathroom or I just tape painter's tape and make a big X on it so they know not to go in there and not to pack anything that's in there Tip number three, feed your movers, feed your packers

They work so hard for eight, 10, 12 hours a day and oftentimes they really don't get a lot of breaks, typically they're working in the summertime, there's no air conditioning and it's just not a fun experience for being on that type of the job so make it more pleasant by having some snacks for them, offering them water if you wanna go an extra mile, maybe get some subway subs or something like that but here is the key thing to remember that we've learned the hard way: if they bring lunch boxes with them, those lunch boxes either stay outside or they stay in the kitchen We've lost items before because we were trying to be kind and let them take those lunch boxes in our office or in a bedroom or somewhere else and things we are pretty sure got stuck in those lunch boxes and walked off so take good care of them but be aware of where those lunch boxes are going Tip number four, label everything Boxes look exactly like everybody else's boxes except for maybe a little moving sticker that is teeny-tiny on that box and if your moving truck is being shared with another family, the possibility of one of your boxes being unloaded in their home or vice versa gets really high A way to avoid that is to go through your house after everything has been boxed up and take a big sharpie marker and write your last name in really big letters on at least two to three sides of those boxes, that way if a box that's yours gets unloaded and then put in somebody else's house, they will recognize it almost immediately and that will prevent you from losing some of your personal property

Tip number five, ziploc bags are your friend I learned this the hard way when we moved the first time with our son He loves legos, I mean really loves legos and so they got dumped into a box with all his other toys and when we went to unpack, they were wrapped in lots of pieces of paper, I'm pretty sure we lost some legos along the way and it was really frustrating trying to sort through packing paper and legos and all the other toys so take ziploc bags before your movers ever get there and all the little teeny tiny things like barbie shoes and lego blocks get put into those ziploc bags so that when you're on the other end of unpacking, it's really easy to pull all those tiny things out and not have to search through a bunch of boxes for that one special toy that got lost If you have stuck around for this video so far, we actually have three extra bonus tips for you so bonus tip number six is to make sure that all of your moving insurance is up to date, all that paperwork is up to date and protect and coverage you from your current home to your next home so that if something gets lost in the interim, you're still covered by your insurance company Tip number seven, pack all of your irreplaceable items in that one place we mentioned earlier and make sure that you put them in the car with you

Don't let your packers move them These are things that you cannot replace, things like your heirloom jewelry from your grandmother or your marriage license or your kids' birth certificates, those are things that you don't want to risk getting lost In addition to that, we always pack our computers and any other electronic gear that we have sensitive information on or personal information on Tip number eight, when at all possible do a door to door move so there are two types of move The first one is a door to door where they literally pick up your stuff, put it in a truck from your door and take it to your other house and unload it at that door

Those are the best types of move possible The other type is a storage move where they load everything onto a truck and you may not have a house where you're going to yet and so they take all of your household goods, unload it at a storage facility to wait until you do have a house The problem is you are not there when they're unloading all of that stuff from the truck You don't know what's being done to it, you don't know if boxes are being opened or messed with and you typically have one driver who's unloading things and another driver who's gonna come back into that storage unit and load it back up to deliver it to your new home and that is where things get lost, broken, or stolen In our case, my wedding dress got lost because there were different drivers at each location and when they brought the goods to our new home, they unloaded everything, and there was one box missing and they had no clue where it was and what had been done with it and it was impossible to trace it down, it was my wedding dress

Now we got really lucky in the fact that they hadn't actually loaded it onto the truck in the first place and we did end up being able to find it but that isn't always the case so when at all possible, do a door to door move Moving a house is stressful enough but with these tips, it doesn't have to be Now if you're also a creative business owner who's having to move your business, there are things that you can do to avoid added stress for that and we have a PDF download in the (muffled) below just for you to get to help making that business move so much easier Thank you so much for watching this video We hope that it has helped you as you prepare for your move

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