Moving To Las Vegas

hey guys welcome back to ring Gail Pham two dogs as welcome back to the channel if you are new here welcome you are in for a real treat and if you're ever turning subscriber I love you I love you so much so everybody keeps asking me why are you moving to Las Vegas and I have the same reply every single time but I decided to make this video because the last las vegas video that i recently did kind of is getting a little bit more hits on it so i want to update you we are leaving to las vegas in three weeks and i am beyond excited why it's because we live in chicago it's too damn cold here there's no palm trees there's no mountains the weather sucks right now it's 33 degrees out with like a foot of snow and I'm just not about that life anymore I really really need the Sun and I need positive people in my life and Chicago isn't doing it anymore the housing here is totally so expensive you can't even live the taxes are through the roof and apartments even living in the ghetto are like twelve hundred thirteen hundred dollars a month it's insane living in Vegas you don't have any taxes and the apartments are very affordable and the housing is very affordable I'm not saying wow you know five hundred dollars a month but it is so much more affordable than living in Chicago so we're gonna move February fifteenth we're gonna drive there we're going through New Mexico Arizona and we're just gonna drive there pack all our crap put it in a truck and we're just gonna go you know like you only live one time why wait so let's just say you wait and then you die tomorrow well no then it makes sense let's just say you waited and you died like a year from now right you never got the chance to go somewhere I live where you wanted to go right I always say if you have a dream you need to get off your ass and do it because you don't have time nobody has time you don't have time I don't have time nobody has time and if you think you have time you need to reevaluate yourself and your life I'm sorry if you have parents that don't support you and say that you'll never be able to do it or you don't have the money or you just can't do it I am here to tell you that you can do it you could leave tomorrow with 300 dollars in your pocket and manage to do it but we're going to Vegas to to kind of start over have a better life for my children and my husband and I we want to just be in a overall better environment I want to meet new people he wants to meet new people and just overall cheaper living is what we're looking for we're really excited about it we can't wait to leave and I can't wait to leave I'm just so excited and I'm just gonna blog the whole time I'm gonna as soon as we hit the road I'm gonna start blogging and I'm gonna vlog our whole entire trip as we're going through New Mexico and Arizona and all of those states you guys are gonna come with me and you guys are gonna see all the beautiful scenery that we're gonna see it and I am so scared I'm so scared but it's okay because everything will be okay and my mom just uh fy2 this channel my mom watches my videos so I know you're watching this mom and I love you and I know you don't I move I know you don't want me to move to Las Vegas but I'm doing this to better my life and better myself and you know that I love you and you will always be in my heart and I will FaceTime you and call you every single day of our lives and you can come visit me every single summer but don't ever hold back on your dreams just because somebody else tells you not to that's more of a reason to do it if somebody tells you not to do it and that you're gonna fail and that you know it's just not gonna work for you or you don't have enough money do it anyways because like for sure and you could literally I don't know I mean anything had happened a plane could drop out of the sky and hit you and kill you and you and then would you die you're gonna be like well I never got the chance to go to Hawaii or I never got the chance to live in England or visit England you know I mean sorry I'm not trying to bore you with my videos I'm just trying to be real with you that we don't have time and any of the dreams that you want to do get your ass up and do it thank you guys so much for watching this video and I hope that you subscribe to this channel thumbs up this video and don't forget to subscribe seriously guys come on and I come on I need you in my life anyways subscribe to the channel thumbs up this video and as always I love you guys