i’m moving to south korea ?! // applying to epik spring 2019!

hi, my name is anne and this is my first ever youtube video! this is really out of my comfort zone i'm a very introverted person i'm not the kind of person that just puts myself out there and records videos and is this open with people i apologize in advance if i'm looking to the side or if i'm looking down because i'm looking at my phone and my computer just to make sure that i cover everything that i want to cover so the reason why i'm making this channel is because i am applying to the EPIK program in korea if you don't know, what EPIK is, EPIK is the english program in korea and i am applying for the spring 2019 intake so a question that i get a lot A LOT WHY? why are you applying to this program? why do you even want to go to Korea? what made you want to do this? i swear, i probably get this question every day i''m applying to this program because i want to *boom* oh snap that's it no, but really why am i applying to this program? why not? i think for me something that i don't want to happen to me is that i get stuck in a profession or a career or just in life i just get stuck and i'm complacent and bored and so being able to go to korea will introduce me to a completely different culture that's completely different from my own i'm living on my own I'm living very far away from my family and friends

i know no one and it just allows me to be able to grow personally mentally, physically, emotionally- just personal growth i''ll be able to travel to a completely different country and the different countries that are surrounding it i'll experience a different language, culture, and food so, that's why i'm applying to EPIK i'm really interested in the korean culture and just being able to meet other new people and so in making this channel, i wanted to be able to document my experience mainly for myself, just so i can be able to look back and see how i've changed if this channel serves as a resource to other people that are maybe applying to epic, or want to know about what life in korea is like, or want to know what life in korea is like for a black woman- a young black woman that's also a resource, and if it helps one person then that's great but not only does this channel serves as a purpose to educate other people and to see how i've changed over time, It's also a way that my family and friends can see like what I'm up to like i said, i'm applying for the EPIK spring 2019 intake i'm looking at my notes so I'm sorry if i'm not looking in the camera so I'm going through a recruiter and the reason why i decided to go through a recruiter is because i'm currently in my last semester of university Yes i have not graduated college yet i graduate in december and most people that are applying to EPIK tend to already have their degree

they already have their diploma and everything and for me, i won't be getting that until january even most people in my school- or even most universities don't give you your diploma until three or four months after you graduate i didn't want that to be an issue in my application process, and so i decided that going through a recruiter would be the best option for me because i don't have my diploma i don't have my documents like everyone else does and not just my diploma- that's my transcripts like, you know, i can't just submit all my documents like everyone else can and so just in case for some reason EPIK doesn't work out, i can work with my recruiter into going into applying directly to a public school i can apply to other programs

i can apply also to a hagwon (private academy) i am working with korvia i've heard nothing but great things about them from other youtubers i'm really excited to work with korvia i already had my interview with my recruiter my recruiter is great i have no complaints at all whatsoever the application opened- the EPIK application opened up on august 1st and *checks today's date on computer* it is august 8th *starts laughing/crying at my procrastination* i've been putting off just sitting down and finishing up this lesson plan because i've been so busy

like i said, this is my last semester of college and i'm student teaching this semester so there's been a lot going on i've kind of been putting my application a little bit to the side but i already do have my letters of recommendation i have them signed with ink; i have them scanned and electronic, and i have the paper copies i have three copies of each one just to make sure that I have backups i asked my supervisor at work and my academic adviser to write my letters that's just my personal choice to use for my photo for my application, i actually asked my sister to take a picture of me i just stood in front of a white wall

maybe it was beige just a plain white wall my sister took a picture of me i actually also sent that picture to korvia and asked them is this appropriate for EPIK and they told me it's fine, so they said that that picture was acceptable to use so like i said, the application already opened earlier last week and i've pretty much finished the application i have all my letters, the essays, and the entire application is filled out the only thing i'm procrastinating on is the lesson plan

so that's probably one of the most important if not the most important thing about the application is just making sure that your lesson plan is really strong i have experience in writing lesson plans, but i just still want to make sure that my lesson plan is perfect so there's no reason as to why i would not be able to get into EPIK it's just to finish the power point and some of the details on the lesson plan, and then i can send it to my recruiter so with korvia (and most- if not all recruiters), you send your EPIK application and your documents to your recruiter and they'll review it and go over it with you and make sure that everything is good so that they can send it to EPIK like i said, the epic application opened on august 1st, but all recruiters won't be sending the applications until september 1st so that does kind of put you a little bit behind, but it's not too much behind so yes, i'm hoping to get that done if not today then by the end of this week so that i can send it to my recruiter and korvia can go over my application with me and go over my lesson plan and make sure that everything is good to be able to send it to EPIK by september 1st so a little bit about myself well, my name is anne i live in texas like i said, i am in my last semester of university, so i graduate this december i will be graduating with a bachelors of science in biology with the minor in secondary education so yes, my background is education i'm also nigerian so yeah, it'll be kind of different to not be around nigerians all the time

i think i feel like (for me), the hardest part the hardest thing that i'll experience in korea is not being surrounded by africans or even nigerians i was born and raised in houston and there's literally nigerians everywhere so i feel like for me not being able to idk, see my people would be the hardest thing i'm excited to graduate this semester i'm excited to possibly start working as a teacher in korea, even though i would be teaching conversational english and not my background, which is science teaching is teaching, and being with kids is what's the most important to me after teaching in korea, i do plan on coming back to the us

and teaching as a teacher here in texas my plan is to be in korea for a little while but korea isn't the only country that you can teach english in i've also been looking at teaching in the middle east because my certification is science, i would be a science teacher there there's so many options i think it's always really important to not limit yourself to just what you know and just educate yourself about the opportunities that are around you

if anyone is watching this and you are also applying for the EPIK spring 2019 intake, leave me a message or a comment down below and let me know! let me know where you are in the process or we can freak out together it's cool with me yeah, i'm really excited for what's to come, and i hope that i can be able to share this with you all and i hope that you guys are interested please be interested *sweats nervously*