I’m moving to Australia? | Study Abroad 2019

G'day Mate! Hi so, I was just going to do this video to explain, what Study abroad is What I'm doing, where I'm going, how long for, where to, just said that where I'm going

Ummwhat University, what University I'm currently at, how it changes my degree and things like that So basically, I am currently half way through my second year at University and am currently studying Television Production art Falmouth University, down in Cornwall

and I'm looking to go to Griffith university out in Brisbane, Australia I'm basically going out there for 6 months 5 months of that I'll be taking part in study abroad My official start date in the 25th of Feb and it's currently the 6th of Feb I do fly out on Sunday the 10th

So that's only about 4 days away Ummmand yeah, I'm really looking forward to it! (Giggles) So, basically, what study abroad is, it varies for different universities

at my university they only offer a semester abroad so it's only a 6 month period or less or more depending on how long your university is your going to how long their term is But my University don't offer a whole year or 6 months So at mine it's 6 months I knew when first applying to University that I defiantly wanted somewhere where it would offer me the opportunity no matter how long for to go and study abroad for a short or long amount of time Some of the Universities I looked at didn't offer that so that for me put them out of the question for when applying

You start basically at the beginning of second year with applying You start researching it, you start getting in contact with the people who are at your university, try and find out some more information about it I had a quite extensive application It basically, in each university you're able to apply to has different hardness levels so you've gotthere's basically low, medium and high And so low is like they're take in quite a lot of people and its fairly easy to get into You've got medium where they maybe take less people in but it's slightly harder with the educational system they use And you have high which they only select less than 5 people

I was lucky enough to get accepted, I was originally looking at Melbourne, a bit further down south from Brisbane But when it came round to application time, actually the course for the semester I was going for, changed, and it was not the stuff that I wanted to do So, that changed my aspects, Melbourne was actually a medium level so there was a better chance of me being able to get in And, last minute I decidedyou couldyou can select up to 3

But there was only 2 in Australia So, I was only going to apply to Melbourne because, originally, Brisbane, I didn't like the course and I liked the Melbourne one Coming round to application time, they, Brisbane and Melbourne both changed their courses and the Brisbane one looked so much better than the Melbourne one and I no longer like the Melbourne one So the kind of worked out for me, we've got family friends relatives, sort of things who live in Brisbane

I'm actually saving a lot of money and staying with them whilst I am out there I'm outside the EU when going for these 6 months, I get no student funding, but if I was going to somewhere within Europe then I would get a grant, but unfortunately because I'm going outside the EU I have to fund it all myself In regards to tuition fees, tuition always gets paid to your home university, so I don't have to worry about extra tuition fees If someone came over from Australia to my university, and I went over to Australia, Australia are still getting their tuition funds from this Australian who has come over to England and my university is still getting the funds for the tuition whilst I am out in Australia MY application was actually really extensive, it was basically like applying for UCAS, so if you're from the UK you'll know that you have to apply through UCAS to study at University

So you normally start that between year 12 and year 13 So I basically had to do a new UCAS application for the whole of my study abroad time I had to write a whole new personal statement, I had to do a showreel of work that I've done whiten University already and work if I have done so outside of work, I had to do a portfolio because I've written scripts, I've done photography, I've done other small bits and pieces like artwork and things like that, I can add that in to show my creativity and my art I also had to write a short paragraph on something I would like to create whilst I am out there and why I'd want to create it And I also had to write an essay

based on something else but I can't quite remember what it was but I had to do another essay so it was quite an extensive application Grades are very important when you are applying to study abroad you have to decent, or, like a good level of grades when like all the way through to what you've been learning now Attendance is also very high, if you have low attendance you will not be considered

On the get go on the application for study abroad you have to get permission from your home university That means your course leader has to look through your attendance and through your grades and actually look through your work to see what you've produced to decide if it's actually worth me going because for me my 6 months counts towards my university degree Whereas I know other people who have gone for a year or for 6 months and it doesn't actually count but for me it does, if I fail whilst I'm out there, I have to come back a restart my second year So, fingers crossed I'm ok and I don't have to restart and I can carry on But yeah it's very important I pass when I get out there

So, yeah, basically it's in the course leaders hands if they believe that you're able to carry on your grades throughout the time while you're there and you're turning up on time, not calling in sick all the time and things like that because it looks bad on that University The Universities might lose connection if they keep on sending people over who are not pulling their weight basically, or earning their place to be at the University when someone else could have gone In regards to choosing the University you want to go to my University has connections with other Universities but so, basically all around the world but my specific course only has, is only linked to 4 other universities I've actually found my Erasmus scheme, study abroad thing Because Erasmus is what it is called when it's within Europe and then study abroad is when it is outside

the 4 places that my place was connected to was Norway, New Zealand, Australia and Slovakia Earlier I said you can apply to 3 Universities Say I wanted to apply to one in New Zealand, Australia and Slovakia that is absolutely fine, it doesn't all have to be in the same country, it just depends where you get accepted and where you decide you want to go Say there was 3 universities in Australia you wanted to go to you can apply to all 3 Of course you do need a Visa when you go to a country outside of the Europe for a long period of time

You will need to apply for a student visa A student visa can be quite expensive, I think mine came to between £300-£400 It depends where you get it from, that it includes, with a student visa it does, I can't remember exactly what it includes but it does include some health insurance, like the basics so you are generally covered when you go out there I am buying extra insurance because it doesn't cover everything, after my 5 month period of studying at the University I'm doing an extra mouth around the East Coast and I am backpacking, I've covered my visa for over then, but I've also added in travel insurance for that extra month Whatever the ned date of your visa is you have to be out of the country

so if your visa ends on the 31st you can't leave on the 1st, you have to leave on the 31st or the 30th because you can get fined and you will not be able to leave without having the correct dates on your visa I would defiantly recommend I would definitely recommend doing extensive research into each university that you could possibly go to only because the course may change over time and it will just make your life so much easier in getting to understand the course a lot better, understand where it is, financially how much it is going to cost, where about you're able to stay for accommodation wise and if it is accessible to there University and just things like that you've got to really thin about it even though you don't think you have to think about a lot of it in detail until you apply and things It defiantly works out a lot better if you work it out in the beginning So after you get accepted by your university you will basically get added to either a twitter, or Facebook, probably not Instagram or twitter actually, probably like a Facebook page where all of the people who are going to the same university doing the same thing as you will be doing study abroad, it may not necessarily be on the same course as you but you'll be able to meet other people before you go so you can have a few more familiar faces before you start the course because there's different events for International students before the generally the course starts

Ways of meeting new people They'll be in the same position as you, some people might be more quiet and nervous Because they're so far away from home Another factor that you've really got to consider is the weather when you're out there so obviously I'm going to Australia and our seasons are switched so we're currently sort of end, middle of winter whereas they're in the middle of summer so it's currently 29/30 degrees whilst heres it's like 3 and 4 I've definitely got to pack completely different to what I'd be packing if I was here, leave all my winter coats and jumpers here because I will not be needing them, I'll be packing shorts and t-shirts and swimwear so you've really got to consider where you're going and clothing appropriate for the area you're going to

For money out in Australia I've basically gone through company called Travelex so they basically have a station in Heathrow airport if you live nearby and they go to a station and you basically can order a money card, a money cash card It's basically like a debit card, it's got a pin, you can use it at an ATM, you can use it to buy food, to buy coffee, like coffee shops and shopping You can out money in it from any account and then it changes it automatically to the currency that you will be living in You won't get any added charges for the change in currency so sometimes if you take your English card over you will charged the exchange rate, things like that so it can be a lot more expensive using your English card so I think it's defiantly worth getting this cash card and its defiantly worth researching seeing which company are doing the best deal at the time I'm currently putting English money in because the exchange rate is really good

It's working out better if the exchange rate is really good, put a large chunk of money on that way you don't have to keep topping it up every week, you've just got to learn how to budget yourself as its not, its not so easy when you're in a different country using a different currency Something you get used to This about roughly how much it is in home money, in pounds, whether its pundits, dollars Me personally, I am looking for a part time job whilst I am out there You don't have to, it's just personal preference, I've decided to do it just so I can fund myself a bit ore whilst I'm out there a bit more independently

I can give myself an extra bit of money per week or month if I want to go on a trip for the weekend with some friends or if I want to go and buy something or new clothes, something like that, just to keep me more financially stable You don't necessarily have to, sometimes you have to get a separate visa to be able to work in the country that you're staying in Luckily with my students visa it allows me to work 40 hours over a fortnight I could easily work a one, 8 hour shift a week and I would not be breaking any of the visa rules So just look through your visa, just double check what it all includes to see if it will be needed to be added as extra but just double check anyway but I'm sure you'll be fine

In regards with what's happening to your room back at your home university, again you'll get added to a Facebook page where you can advertise your room Most of the people that will be on the page will either be other students from your local area, looking to changes houses for one reason or another or it will be someone coming in from another country who's doing exactly the same thing as you that needs somewhere to stay whilst they are here I have actually let my room to an Italian girl over from January, to June/July So she is taking over my rent and bills so I don't have the excess of like the amount of money paying rent in two different places Otherwise I'd be paying two rents and that's too expensive for pretty much the majority of the people who do it

It's a really handy thing to get onto If you're unsure where the Facebook page would be, just contact someone at the university and I'm sure they'll be able to point you I the right direction There's so many exciting opportunities for myself in Australia it's always been number one, top of my list of where I've always wanted to go and wanted to live, who would have thought it would be at the age of 19 It's such an exciting place, considering it's only 4 days away I have not packed at all I'm literally just taking clothes, shoes, some necessities, I'm buying all toiletries when I'm out there, towels, basically being provided by my family but just things like that, I'm buying, I don't have any Summer clothes, English summer isn't really a summer, I mean last year was really good but generally people that live here know that we don't get a great summer considering I'm going to 30 degree heat, it's slightly different out there so I'm going to buy a bit more clothing while I'm out there but I'm literally jus taking the basics, I don't want to overpack, you've got to consider where you're staying, how much, even if you can get the luggage there in the first pace, how much it will cost to transfer, if you're only there for 6 months it's probably not worth it, just take the bar minimum, if you defiantly need anything buy it when you're out there but defiantly don't weight yourself down with loads of unnecessary items

Unless you deftly know that they don't sell it then take it, but bare in mind the airline rules of what you can and can't put in your suitcase because some people say you can't take food, some people have rules about what toiletries and liquids you can take Just double check before you go and do not weigh yourself down because that is just going to be more of a worry when you get there when you find out you don't actually have enough space to store everything you've taken It just seems like a waste especially fi you have to pay extra for extra luggage So I hope that this video has kind of helped if anyone thinking about study abroad or going to the same place as me or were a bit unsure about the information you needed So yeah, I will see you in

Australia next! Bye!