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okay so you're thinking of moving to China for whatever reason happy whether it's due to a job opportunity education or personal interests and you're seeking advice as to how to make the most out of your Chinese experience in this video I'll be sharing with you my top 10 tips words of advice and must use for living in China so keep on watching so my first tip for living in China is to number one learn Chinese this seems to be an obvious one right well you'd be surprised as to how many expats have been living in China for over 5-10 years and their Chinese language abilities are so limited it's a joke and I'm not judging because sadly I'm one of these people I'm telling you this so hopefully you don't make the same mistake that I did and that many expats do when moving to China personally my reason for not going all-in when I first came to China was because honestly I did not like this place basically I had a mental block towards learning Chinese I know it was not a good mindset to have but that's how I felt at the moment a lot of people are also turned off by the difficulty of the language I mean Chinese is not an easy language to learn and a lot of people think that they don't have the capability to learn such a hard language especially if they're older but the most common of all reasons is that foreigners tend to stick in that expat bubble where their main circle of friends are basically people who speak English and they don't really branch out make Chinese friends so they never end up speaking or learning Chinese even in China and from the outside it may be easy to cast judgment but living in China can be very intimidating with customs that may be totally different from yours that when you do find your comfort zone you tend to stay there and try to live your life as easy as possible further many expats tend to have a great life without even needing Chinese but I promise you if you learn Chinese your life can go from grey to fantastic and I see it every day when I compare my friends that speak Chinese to those who can the local people respect you more more opportunities are given to you and of course all the obvious perks of effectively adapting to a new environment so long story short neonguy Fiat jonghwan number two learn Chinese history so I'm not saying you have to go all in depth about learning the history of China but knowing a bit about any place that you choose to live can help you to really get a better understanding of the people preconceived ideas misconceptions and beliefs can all be clarified when you learn of a person's background and you deduced why and what leads individuals of that culture to live the lives that they do I remember in my earlier years of living in China I used to get so annoyed by certain mannerisms of the Chinese people like the way they treated me as if I was an alien or how they seemed to only care about themselves it was only when I analyze in history and I realized hey a lot of these people have never seen someone that looks like you before and that there was poverty for a very lengthy time in Chinese history for millions of people that I was able to become more tolerant and empathetic towards such a contrasting culture and I'm not saying because of this knowledge I no longer get annoyed at these things trust me I do but you learn to not get yourself too worked up about it because you accept that that's just the way things are here maybe things are gonna get better maybe they're not learn from the experience anyway number three learn Chinese customs and traditions so when you visit a country one of the most polite and pleasant things you can do is to adopt some aspect of the culture and practice it in your daily interactions with the local people from learning the greetings their etiquette there's slang their celebrations you learn what to do and what not to do what's okay and what's not okay for example in China it is very common for your clothes Chinese friend to look at you and say hey you're getting fat lose some weight fatty and that is a loveable and endearing thing to say to show how much they care about you disapproving a compliment when you're given one instead of saying thank you shows humility so for example if one of your Chinese friends turns to you and say honey hump Yaya you're supposed to say mm-hmm no no no when you learn and live by the customs of your host country you gain respect and appreciation by the natives you learn not to take offense to certain things and you grow as a person number four learn the rules and regulations it's simple learn and abide by the law to make your life easier especially if you live in a country that is not your home country where certain rights may be limited to you you avoid trouble you can better navigate your surroundings and you make better plans and decisions China is a country where the rules are very strict for foreigners laws are constantly changing especially in the immigration department so it's just wise to always be on top of things and in the know about the current laws of the country you live number five make Chinese friends finding a local friend for whatever country you choose to move to is always a smart thing to do they know how things work they know the know how to operate and get things done and they're gonna be overall a lifesaver for you especially if you live in a country like China where a great handful of the natives are very closed off intimidated or even scared of dealing or talking with a foreigner so while living in China I highly recommend to befriend a Chinese native six travel around china as of 2018 China holds the number two spot as the country having the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites falling behind Italy by only one site Italy having 54 and China having 53 sites but that being said it is evident that there is so much to see in China as I mentioned in my prose about living in China video China is a humongous country with so many different cities and regions to explore you'd be really doing China and injustice by staying and only one little part of the country and missing out on all that China has to offer for example there were times when I felt sick of living in Beijing and all it took was for me going south of China to Sanya with the lovely beaches and sunshine for me to feel like me again you can be totally miserable in one city of state and you travel three hours to the south to the north to find your dream city so I strongly advise to explore and see what's in store number seven get involved in communities of interest or familiarity when living abroad it is normal to feel bouts of homesickness or even a disconnection as to who you really are of course you're gonna miss your family and friends but smaller aspects of your culture like your food the music conversing in your mother tongue can be little things that you end up really missing for me a 10 Caribbean dance classes jamming with other singing silca music from my country and tasting Trinidadian dishes while so far away from home where simple joys that made me feel connected again also do the things you love doesn't mean that because you've moved to China that you need to stop doing what you love I'm pretty sure if you do your research you're gonna find a community of people doing what you enjoy or maybe in your city there's not a club of that sort so why don't you be the one to initiate it start up a club start up whatever class and it is you want to teach or what do you enjoy doing maybe you are the one who's meant to start it and bring it to that city number eight try the food as also mentioned in my prose about living in China video China is a country with an outstandingly diverse range of food that can tantalize your taste buds and many cultures food operates as a form of cultural identity in my research about Chinese food it was very impressive to discover that the traits and attributes of the Chinese people are also reflected in the food for instance living in harmony is a key virtue for Chinese people and they believe that their food should embody that hence when they flavor their food they do so in a balanced way so for example like sweet and sour chicken with over 33 provinces in China each offering a distinct savor there's so much to choose from number 9 familiarize yourself with ax or AP peas as they say in China mobile apps are one of the reasons why Chinese people are so hooked on their phones now that I'm trying to hook you but rather make you aware of how manageable your life can be when you learn how to use them they can really make your life so much easier and save you a little time money and energy I can buy my groceries hire a taxi pay my utilities buy my tickets to go to the cinema everything on mobile apps I'm gonna do a separate video for the top apps you should have on your phone as a foreigner living in China so be sure to look out for that and number 10 before you leave China and show to partake in a cultural activity of some sort whether it's taking a Kofu or Qigong class learning how to make Chinese dumplings visiting a museum watching a cultural show in the theatre getting some acupuncture done or trying now traditional Chinese medicine whatever it is try to do something that symbolizes Chinese culture so those are my top 10 tips for living in China really you can take these same ten tips and apply it to any country that you choose to move to I wish you the best on your Chinese travels for more videos about life in China travel vlogs some singing covers and just an inside of my life in Beijing and in general be sure to subscribe to my channel left left up thumbs up and I shall see you in the next video bye bye

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