10 Tips for MOVING to LA in 2019

hey what's up guys welcome back to my channel so we're at that time of the year where a lot of people are thinking about relocating to Los Angeles I personally relocated to LA about five years ago and over the past five years I've learned so much and discovered so much and so many things I wish I knew before I made that move so in this video I want to give you guys 10 tips are moving to LA these tips are definitely gonna help you these are things that I didn't know myself before I moved out here but I'm giving it to you guys and hopefully you guys would find them helpful so without further ado let's get to it all right so before I get into this video I want to give you guys some perspective on the amount of people that move into la la is one of the biggest cities in America it's populated overpopulated but not as overpopulated as New York is there are about 50,000 people that move to LA every month and over 60 percent of those people move back to where they came from within six months I've personally seen it myself I moved here about five years ago and the first year was really hard for me but I stuck it out and since I've been living here I definitely love it I've seen so much growth personally my career everything I've done there's so much growth la is definitely a place for you if you want to grow in whatever industry you're in definitely move out here to LA now one thing you have to realize is that the first year is going to be very hard for you and this is why a lot of people moved back to where they came from within six months because they're almost kind of shocked at the at the adjustments that they have to make when it comes to finances and living situation and all that kind of stuff all right so the first tip I want to give you guys is on neighborhood that you're gonna live in so one thing that you have to understand is that there are so many neighborhoods in LA LA is basically at County and then you have all these little cities around the county right so each city around the county has its own sort of vibe and personality so you want to make sure that you're not moving into a neighborhood that doesn't fit your vibe doesn't fit your personality or whatsoever I stay in Studio City because it's centrally located to everything that I go to I tend to go to a lot of castings because I'm an actor in a model I tend to go to a lot of castings in West Hollywood sometimes in Santa Monica and I just found that Studio City is like the most centrally located neighborhood for me in terms of all the different places that I like to go to some of my favorite neighborhoods in Los Angeles is downtown LA so downtown LA is kind of like an artsy vibe you have a lot of like hipsters and like artists it almost kind of reminds me of New York right so it's a you know tall buildings and all of that so you know that's where you have most of your loft spaces as going downtown a lady or some nice bars and the arts districts there's a lot of art shows there some clubs and nightlife if you guys are interested in that's downtown LA is definitely something you should look at so Glendale Burbank and Pasadena they actually kind of similar in terms of personalities you see a lot more families it's more like a Serb a little bit away from the core of the city a little bit of a update from the younger crowd so it's more of a suburb more family-oriented there's some you know cafes and things like that surround the area so it's more chill more laid-back but at the same time is not too far from the action another neighborhood that I like it's West Hollywood actually now West Hollywood it's young its vibrant is active there are things that stay open a little bit later than most places tons of things to do there's nightlife there's bars there's entertainment etc the only downside about staying in West Hollywood is that the traffic is crazy absolutely crazy especially on the weekends like Friday 9:00 Saturday nights it's impossible to move anywhere because you literally just stuck in one position for a long time if you want to be close to the beach the neighborhoods I'll suggest is Santa Monica and Venice now Santa Monica and Venice they are actually a little bit more expensive but it's I feel like it's worth it because it's really clean there are tons of restaurants around there terms of cafes terms of things to do there's nightlife in the area so it's definitely something you should check out especially if your job is gonna be close to those areas now another tip I want to give you guys for moving to LA is that you should live very close to where you work now in other cities people don't really think about that as much because you might not have to drive so far well maybe the traffic isn't as bad but in Los Angeles the traffic is really bad if you already have a job before you move to LA try to find a location that's within 20 to 30 minutes from your job because traffic is gonna be a nightmare another tip is to also live close to your friends so if you have friends in LA already and you have your job already try to find a location that's kind of central to both your friends and your job so the thing about LA is that people can be really flaky right and most of the time they're flaky because of the try fake I mean no one wants to sit in an hour two hours worth of traffic just to go visit a friend for example ask the really special occasion or you must really like that friend a lot to make that traffic right so I have friends that live in West Covina and I live in Studio City now on a good day with no traffic that's about 35 to maybe 45 minute drive I have no problem making that but most of the time there's traffic there are events along the way there are things happening there's accidents so it could take up to two hours to go visit those people is in West Covina so because of that I don't get to see them very often we often have to find something centrally located that we can both go to or some kind of event or restaurant or whatever so consider living close to your friends because living in LA could actually be pretty lonely the next thing I want to tell you guys about moving to LA is that finding an apartment is a marathon because there are so many people moving out here like I said on a monthly basis and everyone is looking for an apartment finding an apartment in LA is very difficult you need at least a month or two months heads up time to find an apartment if you go into an open house for an apartment that you like do not leave that apartment without filling an application because the moment you walk out and think about it for maybe 30 minutes or an hour it's already gone the competition for apartment searching is extremely hard I've never seen anything like it it took me almost three months to find my first place and my second place it took me about two months to find it all right my fourth tip for you guys is to definitely get a car you can ship your car drive your car whatever you want to do but you need a car in LA because it's you're driving all the time if you don't have a car that's okay just make sure you have a healthy uber budgets because public transportation here isn't the best it doesn't get you everywhere for example I have a friend who lives in Marina del Rey which is really far off West LA by the beach and she comes all she comes all the way to West Hollywood almost on a daily basis and she has to take a train to buses and she has to walk and that takes her about three hours to commute from those two locations and just crazy that's just a nightmare my next step for you guys is to check out to discover la discover Italy they have an Instagram account so they also have a website I'm gonna leave the link down below in the description box discover allez they're actually really cool because they post a lot of events that are happening within the city or things to do places to check outs places to eat things like that and even some of the best places to take great pictures so definitely check out discover la on Instagram check out their web sites and check out their app as well the next thing I want to tell you guys about moving to LA is that once you get out here your eating habit is gonna change most restaurants here they have really healthy menus they have vegan options gluten-free options raw raw vegan whatever you name it so most people eat healthy and that's gonna definitely influence the way you eat as well one thing that I would say is that eating out here in LA is a little bit more expensive than other cities for instance your typical lunch could cost you anywhere from 18 to 25 bucks just for a lunch whereas in other cities for example when I was in Chicago I don't remember ever paying more than $15 for lunch but in LA $2500 that's no normal next thing I'll say about being here in LA is that everything closes early and that's a little bit frustrating most restaurants and bars and things like that they closed around 10:00 p

m on a weekday which is a little bit too early for me because I'm a night owl I definitely like to eat late so it's very hard to find good healthy food after 10:00 pm you're almost kind of stuck to junk food right so keep that in mind most days closed early your bars and your clubs on the weekends they're gonna be closed at 2:00 2:00 am

sharp no exception and most places they're not even open at all after 2:00 am so if you like the nightlife something that you should know like I said everything closes early but in LA the nightlife actually starts early as well so for example when I lived in Chicago I remember going to the clubs and bars and all that you wouldn't get there until maybe 12:30 or sometimes even 1:00 am because that's when you see most people that's when the crowd picks up and all that but here in LA most people start lining up for the bars and clubs around 9:00 p

m the next thing you should know about la is that la is a place that's kind of chill laid-back but at the same time people work very hard so when you go into an office for example an address for this business casual business casual means business casual literally like you could see a CEO in a t-shirts and some khaki khaki pants or whatever is some gym shoes business casual is business casual no one dresses too serious you're not gonna see a lot of people wearing a three-piece suit and a necktie love that unless you're maybe working in two financial districts then that's a different story so be laid-back Beach he'll be casual and you will definitely fit right in the last thing I want to tell you guys about moving here and this is something that I definitely wish I knew is that there's absolutely no jaywalking allowed jaywalking is prohibited so if you jaywalking you're cops the police would actually chase you down and write you a ticket from anywhere from 75 bucks to $200 and that's pretty pricey alright guys so that's it for this video don't forget I'm gonna leave the important links down below in the description box and definitely check out some my other videos about living in LA I think that should definitely help you guys alright and if you guys have more questions about you know places to live you know restaurants place to take pictures things to do etc definitely hit me up in the comment box down below I read all my comments and nine times out of ten I respond to all of them as well so hit me up if you liked this video I appreciate a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe if you're new and I'll see you guys next week you

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